About this project

Executive Summary of Research

Most small and medium scale producers are struggling in the sales of their products, including penetrating the market. The objectives of this research is to identify the needs of rural producers and suppliers alike with their respect to their ability in promoting, packaging and marketing of products. We will also raise awareness and literacy among rural producers and suppliers through by means of training workshops, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, this research will provide services on packaging, promotional and online marketing for rural producers and suppliers. This project include document review follows with fhttps://theessayclub.com/ freeonlinedatingsites.orgocus group interview among the entrepreneurs to understand the issues among local producers. The second comprises of training on Bzlist Smart Marketing. The final phase of this research will cover the online coaching and report writing. Through this project, rural products will be linked to a supply chain network consistently as a common brand and marketed online at rasayang.my. All purchases of products and services will be managed centrally and Small scale rural producers and suppliers in this network will be assisted in marketing, labelling adverstising with the use of technology and ICT. The Bizlist set up at rasayang.my will be the technological backbone that supports all of the goals that takes into account the diversity of situations (e.g. good and bad internet connections, limited time/resources given the main business is growing crops, not operating computers, etchttps://theessayclub.com/ freeonlinedatingsites.org). It is targeted at the end of the project a total of 500 products are ready to be sold including homestays with online registration and booking facilities. This gonorrhea treatment online. technological backbone would be capable of making rural producers more efficient in their daily tasks, and empowered with the technology.

Head of Project and team members

Team Leader

PM Datin Dr Norizan Abd Razak

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
UKM Bangi 43650
Bangi Selangor
03 89216579

Team Members

PM Dr.Doris Padmini Selvaratnam
PM Dr Syed Alam Shah
PM Dr.Pramela Krish
PM Dr Jamaludin Abdul Malek
PM Dr Nor Fariza Mohd Nor
Prof. Dr. Amriah Buang
Prof Dr Noraishah Buang
PM Dr Melur Md Yunos

Contact person

Norma Yunos
Research Assistant